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GET Enrollment GuideGET Enrollment Guide

How you use your GET units is up to you

 USE GET WORLDWIDE  AT THE SCHOOL OF  YOUR CHOICE.  You can use GET at nearly any public or private college, university or technical school in the country, and even in some foreign countries. The unit payout value is the same, whether your student attends an in-state public school or an out-of-state or private college.No matter what your future plans are, GET is a solid savings foundation because it’s guaranteed to keep pace with in-state public university tuition prices. You can buy up to 800 units per student and use up to 200 units per academic year. Any unused units from one year automatically roll over for use in the following year. 

While GET’s unit payout value is based on in-state tuition and state-mandated fees, you can use your units in a variety of ways. Regional and community colleges require fewer units, while private and out-of-state universities require more. If a school’s tuition costs more than the value of the units you have available, you pay the difference. If you have more units than you need for tuition, you can use GET to pay for other qualified higher education expenses such as room and board, books, computers, and supplies. 

Most families will not be able to save enough to fund all post-secondary education costs, but saving regularly over time can add up. The average GET account contains just over 200 units. Whether you can save for multiple years of tuition and state-mandated fees, or just enough to help towards the cost of books and supplies, you can help to make your student’s dreams come true. Funding your GET account with the amount that fits in your budget is the best approach. The important part is to start early and save often.

GET enrollment is currently closed and will reopen November 1. 

What GET units can buy

college iconNo matter how much you are able to save with GET, there are a variety of higher education expenses and career training that you can pay for. Here are just a few examples that show the flexible ways that you can use your GET units:*

800 Units Four years of undergraduate and two years graduate tuition and fees at UW or WSU (depending on area of study).

bunkbed icon400 Units Two years of tuition, fees, room & board, books and supplies at an in-state regional university. 

200 Units bachelor’s degree from an in-state community college. 

books icon100 Units One year of tuition and state-mandated fees at UW or WSU. 

75 Units About two years of tuition and fees at an in-state community or technical college. 

laptop icon60 Units About one year of tuition at a non-profit online university (depending on area of study). 

25 Units About two to three years of books and supplies at an in-state public university.

*Examples shown are estimates based on the cost of various college expenses as of October 1, 2023. Actual future costs may vary. You may use additional units for other qualified higher education expenses as defined in IRS Publication 970.

Over 65,000 students have used GET to attend college in all 50 states and 15 countries worldwide.


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