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Using your GET or DreamAhead account to save or pay for education couldn't be easier.

With GET or DreamAhead you have 24-7 online access to your account to manage all of your college savings needs.

  • Manage your account
    All of the information about your GET or DreamAhead accounts, such as settings, transaction activity, and tax statements, are available securely when you log in to your account. You can make updates to basic info at any time from your profile or account settings so that everything is up to date.
  • Add money
    Seamlessly and securely connect your GET or DreamAhead account to one or more bank accounts, to easily automate and regulate your contributions. GET accounts can be opened with a $25 minimum purchase. Units can be purchased in full or partial increments up to a maximum of 800 units. You can also open a DreamAhead account with as little as $25, and subsequent contributions can be as little as $5. The combined contribution limit, whether you are participating in GET, DreamAhead, or both, is $500,000.
  • Access your money
    When you need to use GET units or DreamAhead funds to pay for education expenses, you can either request the transaction through your online account access, or fill out a simple form. GET and DreamAhead funds can be used for a variety of qualified education expenses, including tuition, fees, room and board, books, computers and more. Keep in mind that the earnings portion of any withdrawal used for non-eligible expenses may incur tax penalties. The last date to submit direct payment requests to colleges from your GET account for 2023 is Friday December 15.

Questions about your GET or DreamAhead account? Contact Center representatives are available to help by phone, email or video conference.
Please see our Contact Us page for details, hours, and additional information.