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Saving for education is among one of the most sought-after topics today. In response, we created WA529 in the Workplace, a collection of resources, information, and engagement opportunities to encourage employers to provide 529 college and education savings plan information and resources to employees. 

More than 65% of all projected job openings require some education beyond high school. Therefore, early savings can significantly benefit families who want to ensure their student will have many career and advancement opportunities. WA529 is committed to supporting financial wellness in Washington State. This includes raising awareness about 529 college and education savings plans and providing resources to help families get started.

Employer benefits:

Providing 529 college and education savings plan information in your workplace as a voluntary benefit promotes your organization and supports your employees’ financial savings goals - at no cost to you! 

  • Contribute to the community: A 529 plan helps families reduce or even prevent excess student loan debt and encourages the children of your employees to reach their educational potential.  
  • Support student success: Children with a dedicated college savings account are more likely to graduate from high school and continue to post-secondary education. 
  • Competitive edge: Providing 529 plans as a voluntary benefit can increase your competitive edge in the marketplace. According to the Center on Education and the Workforce, nearly 65% of job openings will require some form of education beyond high school.  
  • Retention: Happy employees are healthy employees. Enjoy better retention and increased performance.

Ideas to incorporate in your workplace:

  • Provide brochures: Share these in employee communications and include them in new employee packets.
  • Invite us: We can facilitate an in-person or virtual ‘Lunch and Learn’ session or participate in your annual wellness/benefit fair. This allows your employees to learn more about the WA529 college and education savings plans. 
  • Use a short ‘grab-n-go’ article: Include one of these short articles in any employee communications or newsletter. 
  • Set up payroll direct deposit: This can help employees make regular contributions to a GET and/or DreamAhead account. 
  • Share the WA529 Knowledge Café link: This allows employees to join a variety of webinars on their own time or watch short videos to learn more about GET and DreamAhead.
  • Set up payroll direct deposit: This can help employees make regular contributions to a GET and/or DreamAhead account. Visit the Payroll Direct Deposit page to learn more. 

Gather Resources and begin sharing:

Click Here to View or Download Resources

  • WA529 Information Brochure (English)
  • WA529 Information Brochure (Spanish)
  • ‘Grab-n-Go’ mini-articles to include in your employee communication
  • WA529 Payroll Direct Deposit Guide (For Employers)
  • Email templates to inform employees about the Payroll Direct Deposit option
  • Link to Employers offering Payroll Direct Deposit

Contact Us: 

For questions or additional information please contact the WA529 Community Relations Team at

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