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GET 529 Prepaid Tuition Program

Prepay future college tuition today to ensure peace of mind as your student grows.

  • Created for Washington State residents.

  • Start with as little as $25.

  • No enrollment fee.

  • Pay a set price today with the guarantee that 100 units will equal one year of in-state tuition and state-mandated fees at the highest price public university in the state, no matter when you use them.

  • State guarantee that protects from long-term in-state tuition inflation and stock market risk.

  • Buy up to 800 units (enough for eight years of in-state tuition and state-mandated fees)

  • Units can be used after a two-year wait.

  • Enrollment is open November 1 through May 31.


DreamAhead 529 College Investment Plan

Choose from multiple investment options to add flexibility to your savings.

  • Open to anyone in the U.S.

  • Start with as little as $25.

  • No enrollment fee.

  • Choose from portfolios made up of stock, bond and/or cash preservation funds and build a savings strategy that fits your needs.

  • Wide range of flexible investment choices based on your student's age and your risk tolerance.

  • Contribute up to $500,000 (maximum total account balance between DreamAhead and GET).

  • Funds contributed can be used right away.

  • Enroll year-round.

Questions about your GET or DreamAhead account? Contact Center representatives are available to help by phone, email or video conference.
Please see our Contact Us page for details, hours, and additional information.