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GET Enrollment GuideGET Enrollment Guide

With GET, you can set your education savings goals realistically. Open a GET account with as little as $25. You can then add funds on whatever schedule works for you, including monthly, quarterly, or annually. You can easily link a bank account to set up automatic payments. Perhaps you have money set aside to get your higher education savings started, and then plan to contribute more over the coming years. Invite family members and friends to help. Remember that no matter how much you are able to save, even small amounts over time can make a big difference.

It’s easy to save with GET

GET enrollment is currently closed and will reopen November 1. 

Mother, father, and child having a picnicWe make it easy for you to customize your savings approach with GET. Here are three ways that families typically contribute to their accounts. Choose one, or a combination!

Make a one-time Lump Sum purchase.  Buy all the units you think you will need now. When you buy units in a “lump sum”, you pay the unit price in effect at the time you make the purchase (currently $120.16). The unit price is reset at least annually - typically after June 30.

Make monthly contributions. Decide how much you want to save each month, and set up automatic payments, through your financial institution, or with your employer. You can also mail a check if you prefer. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your savings add up!

Contribute when you can. Add to your account when you have extra funds available. Birthdays, graduations, holidays, and other milestones present great opportunities to contribute to your student’s GET account. You can also invite friends and family to help. GET makes a great gift!

Several payment options available

two factory workers smilingOne-time payments. You can contribute online or by check at any time. To contribute online you can use the one time payment feature in your online account or set up bill pay through your bank.

Recurring automatic deposits. You can set up a monthly recurring ACH withdrawal from your bank account by logging in to your online GET account or by completing the automatic withdrawal authorization form.

Payroll direct deposit. You can have your contribution amount deducted from your paycheck (after taxes) and deposited directly into your GET account. If your employer already participates in GET payroll direct deposit, simply complete the payroll direct deposit authorization form, available on our forms page, and submit it to your employer’s payroll department. If your employer does not yet participate, suggest it to your human resources department. Let us know too and we’ll be happy to send your employer all of the necessary information. 

Gift payments. Birthdays, holidays, and other gift-giving events are a great time to add a gift contribution to your student’s GET account. It’s easy for friends and family to get involved. Anyone can add to a GET account by using our online gift e-payment platform or by sending us a check. Visit our gifting page to get started.


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