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What does the State of Washington guarantee with GET?

The state guarantees that if you buy 100 units today, your 100 units will be worth the actual cost of one academic year of resident undergraduate tuition and state-mandated fees at the most expensive Washington public university when your child enrolls in college, regardless of how much tuition has increased over time. You can buy any amount from one to 800 units per student and each unit will be worth 1/100th of that cost. This is called the “payout value” of a unit and it is determined annually. The monetary value remains the same whether you use your units to pay costs at a Washington public college or a private or out-of-state college.

The state guarantee is backed by the full faith and credit of the State of Washington. That means if future tuition increases ever require the program to pay out more money than it has available, the Legislature would be required by state law to provide funding to cover the shortfall. Washington's GET Program is one of only a few state prepaid college tuition plans in the country with a guarantee in state law (RCW 28B.95.050).