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College Savings Month Encompasses Much More Than It Sounds

(September 6, 2023) - It’s September - National College Savings Month! While the word ‘college’ is in the title, it’s really about much more than that. It is when we officially recognize the importance of saving for post-high school education and training, including trade schools, technical training, and apprenticeships. Let’s face it. The cost of college and other career-readiness training is high and getting more so each year. National College Savings Month is a great reminder for families to put money away for their student’s future education expenses.

Keep Your College Savings Cooking This Summer

(August 1, 2023) - Ah, summer! While summers as an adult are not nearly as footloose and fancy-free as they were in my childhood, I still love the opportunity to get outside to hike, travel, and experiment with the grill (charbroiled watermelon, anyone?). The only big problem with summer is that I have to constantly remind myself that my responsibilities, including attending to my family’s college savings goals, can’t take a summer break anymore. But where to start when my brain is trying to check out for three months at a time?

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