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How to Rollover Funds from GET to DreamAhead or another 529 plan

You can start the rollover process online in just a few steps*:

  1. Open a DreamAhead Account
    Once you have your DreamAhead account (complete with investments chosen and account number) you can start your rollover from GET to DreamAhead.
  2. Start the rollover*
    Sign in to your GET account, find the Use Units tab, select “Initiate a rollover to another 529 plan”, and follow the steps to rollover your funds to DreamAhead.

Note: If you encounter any issues after you have initiated the request in your online GET account, please contact GET at 800.955.2318. Remember that you need to complete all of the necessary steps to finalize your rollover request in a timely manner, or your request may not be processed.

How to rollover funds from DreamAhead or another 529 plan into GET

You can roll over part or all of your DreamAhead account funds into GET by completing an Incoming Rollover/Transfer form. Once liquidated, your DreamAhead account will remain open unless you decide to close it. 

You can authorize the direct rollover of money from another qualified 529 plan to your GET account. If you want the other 529 plan to send the distribution directly to GET, you may need to complete one of their forms. Then complete an Incoming Rollover/Transfer form.

*You can make one rollover from a DreamAhead account per 12-month period without being taxed. Please note, with DreamAhead there is a $25 rollover fee.  

Questions about your GET or DreamAhead account? Contact Center representatives are available to help by phone, email or video conference.
Please see our Contact Us page for details, hours, and additional information.