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Bryn flying with broom

(October 21, 2021) It’s the time of year when things may jump out at you, catch you off guard and scare you! Saving for your child’s education doesn’t have to be one of them.

After our daughter was born, there were SO many things to consider. What does she need? What can she live without and wait to purchase? Are we sure? Questions were non-stop. Even though we were overwhelmed with newborn costs, it was clear her college savings account was one thing we needed to prioritize. Not having college savings for ourselves, we knew firsthand the importance of starting to save while she was young and giving ourselves time to reach our savings goals. 

For us, the steady, guaranteed, monthly contribution route via the GET Program was the way to go. The payments come out automatically each month and we don’t give it a second thought. We have peace of mind knowing that her savings are accruing for whatever type of higher education she chooses when she’s ready. 

Today, at four years old, she is set on becoming a witch when she grows up. We know that if she changes her mind between now and then, she can choose from a variety of colleges across the U.S. and beyond to use her savings. We love the diversity as well, knowing she has various options such as trade schools and certifications if a university isn’t the path for her. For now, if she's lucky, by the time she graduates high school there will be a Hocus Pocus certification institution for spells and brews. 

Saving for your child’s education doesn’t have to be scary. You don’t need sorcery to make their dreams come true. You can create your own magic.

Bryn with dog

“Everyone deserves a chance to fly.” -Elphaba, Wicked
-Christina Crawford