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Family on New Years Eve Ringing in New Year with Sparklers.

(January 20, 2022) A lot of us set ambitious goals while basking in the glow of a bright and shiny new year. (As for me, my resolution last year was to obtain visual confirmation of the existence of my garage floor.) But few actually end up following through on those plans. According to a study by Clinical Psychology, only 46% of people who made New Year’s resolutions ultimately accomplished their goals. That means, despite our best intentions, more than half of us will fail. 

So how can we keep from falling into the dreaded category of Resolution Failure? Experts on the subject offer tips such as setting specific and manageable goals, writing them down, sharing them with others, and reviewing - progress regularly. Don’t forget that we have the technology, literally in our pockets, that can help us track and follow through on our resolutions.   It has never been easier. 

As a parent, you might choose to make a resolution to start saving for your child’s future education. Saving what you can now, will help limit the burden of debt for your child when they pursue their dreams. Did you know that putting away $10 a week from birth until they graduate high school can amount to more than $15,000 in savings? And that’s before interest! Again, this is all made easier with careful planning and modern technology (such as auto transfers or payroll deduction).

Some resolutions are easier to keep than others. Try not to be hard on yourself if you don’t succeed in hitting the gym four times a week, mastering the guitar, or finding your garage floor. Perhaps taking the first step toward building your child’s future will be your most successful resolution yet. It will become second nature once you get started. 

Happy 2022!

by Rodger O'Connor and Vince Meyer