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Kindergarten children in grad caps and gowns

(June 9, 2021)-Blue skies, sunshine, flowers and planted gardens indicate summer is almost here. After 14 months of pandemic life, we are all eager for summer. I’m enjoying extra time outside and anticipating family vacation. Alas, I need to slow down. The 2020-21 school year isn’t over yet. Important milestones are coming up. 

This month many parents will attend promotions for little ones moving from preschool to kindergarten, kindergarten to elementary school, elementary school to middle school and middle school to high school.  Often times we automatically think of it or call it “graduation”. Transition grad years are emotional for parents, grandparents, relatives and caregivers. It’s easy to focus on how excited or proud we are and forget how important milestone moments are to children. 

Celebrating academic achievements can provide much needed, valuable recognition moments for children, especially following a chaotic pandemic school year. Each milestone a child reaches provides an opportunity to acknowledge hard work and success. It encourages them to see their achievements, while building positive self-esteem and confidence. They might even dare to dream. One of my kids didn’t love school. It was challenging for him. He needed recognition, motivation and encouragement along the way. Eventually, he grew to embrace learning and dared to include college in his dreams. Seeds were planted, they grew into reality; now he is enrolled in college this Fall.  

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By Jenn Dyck