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Baby in blue hoodie learning to walk

(July 26, 2021) - There is nothing like experiencing your baby’s firsts! I will never forget the turquoise dress my daughter wore when she took her first steps, or the little hoodie my son had on when he learned to walk. Looking back brings a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. 

Baby stages pass by so quickly.  Before you know it they are walking, talking, and dreaming about their futures. Children share funny, unrealistic dreams and dreams that can become reality. My daughter talked about becoming a writer in kindergarten. She never wavered and will soon graduate with a BFA in Screenwriting. It amazes me that she chose her career at age five!  Although my son’s dreams changed often over the years, this fall he starts college studying digital design. His focus might change, but he knows he wants a degree that will lead to multiple opportunities. 

Starting conversations early and telling children you are saving for their future sends a powerful message that they have a path to pursue their dreams. I am thankful we opened accounts early on and told our kids why we were saving. Because we took the first step, they will borrow less to achieve their dreams.

Did you welcome a new baby this year? Take the first step and invest in their future from the beginning. It’s easy to open a 529 savings account with Washington College Savings Plans (WA529). The Guaranteed Education Tuition plan (GET) is a prepaid tuition plan, while DreamAhead is an investment savings account. Newborns can enroll in both programs year-round. Open an account for a newborn this summer and we’ll send you an adorable WA529 onesie (while supplies last). Having more time to watch their college savings grow alongside them every step of the way is priceless!  

Learn more in our WA529 for Babies webinar on August 18. 

By Jenn Dyck