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We are pleased to announce the winners of the Washington College Savings Plans (WA529)’s 2022 “What is your dream job?” Art Contest! 

We were overwhelmed by an amazing number of fabulous art entries! It was incredible to see all the dream jobs Washington students hope to pursue in their futures. With thousands of entries, the competition was fierce!

Great news: WA529 is planning to host this art contest annually! Students who did not win this year can enter again in the Spring of 2023. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram or sign up for WA529 emails to stay informed on future promotions, art contests, program events, and information!

9th - 12th grade

Artist Drawing

Mera F.

Artist rendition of a dentist

Estelle W.

Artist rendition of a Detective

Katelyn P.

6th - 8th grade

Praying Mantis in lab coat at university of EntomologyJacob A.

Artist rendition of a veterinarian's office

Madyson A.

Artist rendition of a graphic novel artist

Annabelle B.


3rd - 5th grade

Artist rendition of president of the US and class president

Eden B.

Artist rendition of an architect

Finnegan A.

Artist rendition of an optometrist

Alexie S.


K - 2nd grade


Ashvita K.

Basketball player

Greyson C.


Stella O.

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