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How can I transfer my GET units between family members?

You can only transfer units between qualifying family members' GET accounts (based on the IRS's definition of a family member). If both students have a GET account, you may simply transfer the units by completing a Transfer Request form. You can complete this form by logging in to your GET account, selecting "My Account" and looking for the "Transfer Request form" on the next screen; or you can download the paper Transfer Request form on our forms page.

If you want to transfer all the units, you may simply change the name of the Student Beneficiary on the account by completing a Student Beneficiary Change form (available on our forms page). This form requires the Account Owner’s notarized signature. Please mail original forms to GET Program, PO BOX 43450, Olympia, WA 98504-3450.

Note that a student may have multiple accounts but may have a total of no more than 800 units between all accounts in his or her name.