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About DreamAhead

No matter your budget or timeline, this plan is designed to help you reach your education goals.

  • It’s for anyone 
    You can open an account for yourself, a child, or a loved one. It only takes $25 to get started. If you already have a GET account, you can also open a DreamAhead account to diversify your college savings, or you can roll over your GET account to DreamAhead.  
  • It’s intuitive to use
    A simple interface and friendly features make navigating and using your account a breeze, and if you have questions, there’s a knowledgeable U.S.-based customer service team available to help.
  • It’s helpful
    It’s never too early or too late to start saving. With DreamAhead, you can make contributions at any time, set recurring monthly transfers, and set yearly goals to keep you on target.
  • It’s versatile
    Use the money you save at almost any type of public or private college, university or technical school in the U.S., and even in some schools around the world. You can pay for a variety of qualified higher education expenses, including tuition, fees, room and board, books, and computers.
  • It’s adjustable
    With various investment options to choose from, you can pick, change, and adjust your selections to your needs. You can even transfer the account to another eligible beneficiary.
  • It’s ambitious
    The money you earn is tax-free with a higher earning potential (and risk of losing money) because it’s based on the market’s performance. Friends and family can also help your account grow by making gift contributions.

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Questions about your GET or DreamAhead account? Contact Center representatives are available to help by phone, email or video conference.
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